Waggy Groomers

Puppy Groom

Puppies are welcome after all vaccinations are completed.

Your new puppy will benefit from new sights, smells and sounds of the grooming environment from an early age and become accustomed to being handled.

This service is available until your dog is six months old.
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O.A.D (old Aged Dogs)

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Elderly dogs are given extra special care at Waggy Groomers Whitstable.

They have as many breaks as they need and if the groom becomes too stressful the grooming session will be suspended as they can always come back another day to be finished.


Please note we groom humanely – dogs with severely matted coats may be shaved off or we may refuse to continue the grooming process if we feel the dog is in distress.

We always put your dog’s welfare first.

Please call for details and prices.
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Wash and Dry - from £15

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Perfect for after your dog has been to the beach or woods.

For the busy dog who is always on the go, our wash and dry service does the trick. This includes two shampoos, a warm blow dry and a luxury finishing spritz.

Just Nails - from £5

A simple nail trim to keep those claws neat, tidy and looking top dog

Face Lift - from £5

This is the perfect complimentary service to use in-between full grooms to keep those bed head days away, beads trimmed, fringe tidied up and the eye area cleaned out.